Oil Storage Base

Storage, Transportation & Shipping

Mission and Strategy

Our mission is to exploit tank farms and pipeline transportation in Russia and abroad ensuring a maximum effective and integrated quality of services

In order to realize this Mission, Oil Storage Base LLC has the following competitive advantages:


  • Wide experience in developing complex reservoirs, primarily, fractured basement reservoirs, hydrophobic fractured carbonate reservoirs, terrigenous thin block structures;
  • Successful experience of cost-effective operations in small fields with out-of-balance development systems;
  • Extensive experience in the international oil & gas projects’ implementation, stable longstanding ties with the leading oil companies and tank farms of Russia and the world, holding within its structure of scientific-research and design organizations as well sectoral institutes of the fuel-and-energy complex;
  • Experience in working with international oil & gas companies, including as a partner not acting as an operator.


In accordance with the current strategy, Oil Storage Base LLC seeks to actively build up its competence in the said areas.