Oil Storage Base

Storage, Transportation & Shipping

Houston Terminals

Oil Storage Base LLC operates in export-bound oil products marine transshipment, oil products loading into railway and truck tanks, oil product deliveries by gasoline trucks. The nameplate capacity of the terminal is 17 mtpa. An upgrade program is currently underway to ensure compliance of the production facilities with the new industrial, environmental and fire safety requirements, and expand the capacity of Oil Storage Base LLC to support the projected cargo turnover. In 2012, the Company made investments to revamp the truck loading facility, upgrade process equipment at the berths of the trading port and utilities, and build waste treatment facilities. 


In 2013, the Company shipped 13 mln tons of petroleum products via the Houston terminal (including export and domestic bunkering), and if transshipment of third-party products is factored in, the figure goes up to 15 mln tons. Of that amount 9.4 mln tons of petroleum products was shipped through the new deep-water jetty.